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at Lincoln Center in New York, NY.

Samantha worked as the adminstrative and artistic assistant, content collector, creator, and display designer (among other, various ✨circus elf✨things) for

Inspired by the circus sequence (and her favorite scene in all of cinema) from the Tim Burton classic, Big Fish, Samantha googled and emailed "the best circuses in America" in hopes of employment. Months later, she received an exciting email from the CEO of the Big Apple Circus. The rest is history - circu-story! 

Instagram stories
Tik Tok


Samantha fully and individually created and hosted a social media activation to promote the final weeks of the show. She then edited the footage into 'Instagram reel movies' 👉


The idea, and original script, were based off of the Gene Wilder “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” golden ticket hunt, but with Big Apple Circus popcorn boxes 🍿 (instead of chocolate bars) and rainbow tickets (instead of golden tickets).  

📍 Walden, NY
A moment from Samantha's trip to Walden, NY, where she sifted through Big Apple Circus costume stock and handpicked pieces for the display.

Samantha took charge of curating, designing, and assembling a museum exhibit highlighting vintage Big Apple Circus costumes for guests to explore upon entering the "Deck Tent". It also served its purpose as a window display on the circus campus at Lincoln Center.

Original, sourcing image of costume piece
Costume piece within display at Lincoln Center
📍 Lincoln Center
The complete ensemble of Big Apple Circus costumes, showcased as a museum exhibit and window display within the 'Deck Tent' at Lincoln Center.
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